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Bespoke Design - Where to Begin?

There are many ready-made jewellery out there. But we are all quite picky people, admit it! It’s hard to find one with the right diamond, the right size, the right fit, and darn it.. the right price! That’s why Custom-made Jewellery is so amazing! Not only will your wish come true, you will participate in its production - making it so much more meaningful!

BUT.. before jumping right into the arms your Jeweller, who you expect to fix all your worries. You need to do a little homework of your own and understand the precautions to get the most out of your experience! 

Bring a Design

Got a new design? We, jewellers, love to design with you! Please do understand that it is hard for even a psychic to read your mind. So if you have a sample ring or a picture, always bring it. That’s the ONLY way for you to get the exactly what you want! 

Be Specific

If there are certain design or features you think are important, please remember to mention it in advance. 4-prongs? 6-prongs? Prongs that are rounded off or squared? (Picking the Best Diamond Setting? - Coming Soon) The jeweller will always choose the design that will be most secure without covering too much of the diamonds. Same goes for the design of the inner-side of the ring band. We would usually consider making your jewellery most comfortable and classic for you only. But you have a special request, please be specific and remember to voice it.

Try on Similar Designs

Now you already know exactly what you want, GREAT! Bring in the Pinterest images and show them to me! But I still recommend you try on similar styles of jewellery in stock - just because it looks good in pictures may not mean it’ll feel good on your hand. It’ll be truly unfortunate to finally have that beautiful diamond ring made, but it just darn makes your fingers look stout (Choosing Jewellery that Flatters You - Coming Soon).

Know Yourself

Unless you’re the best buddy of your jeweller, s/he’ll probably not know you well enough to design a jewellery with the style catered for you. So be prepared to understand your own fashion sense, your lifestyle, and what occasion you see yourself wearing that jewellery. Jewellery design is a deep mysterious ocean, limitless. (How to Wear Jewellery to Work - Coming Soon) Do help your jeweller out, so I can help you pick the stone, style, and budget that would fit you. But of course, if you love my style and design tastes, I’d love to propose you something!

Bring a Sample Ring

If ring is what you want, and you have a ring that already fits well and is similar in band width as the one you are about to design, bring it over. Although all jewellers have a set of metal rings to try out your sizes, it is always better to know what you find most comfortable. 

Allow for Time

Custom-made jewellery should never be rushed. A good jewellery piece requires good craftsmanship, and that takes time. Always go to a jeweller in advance of the date you need it, and do let us know the date you truly need it. Custom production can sometimes cause delays, especially you have a complicated design. So while most can be completed within 2-3 weeks, it is always best to find a jeweller a month before your set date, especially for proposal and weddings.


Always find a jeweller you can trust! Custom-made jewellery can be risky if you cannot trust your jeweller. It is easy to be fooled and ripped off - the world can be a crummy place and not everyone has the best of heart. (Can you Trust your Jeweller? - Coming Soon) (Say No to Bad Craftsmanship)

Who am I

I am Janet Tam, part of the new movement of Jewellers that believe in human connection and collaboration. I love to meet people to create ideas and develop inspiration.

Registered and still practising as a Professional Architect in Hong Kong, I was brought up in a Jeweller’s family - counting diamonds, artistry and design has always been in my blood.

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