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How to Design your Engagement Ring

First... Congratulations! I'm so happy for you to be entering this new chapter in your relationship! It's a BIG step and I am super excited to help you surprise your Lady! Designing an Engagement Ring for your girl is an exciting and personal experience; with so many ring designs out there, we can help you filter through and find the perfect one that matches her style & flair! So... what's the process?

Getting to Know...

About Her

In order for to decide for the best engagement ring design, we need to know a little more about your lady first! Does she often wear jewellery? What's her general style? Would she like something minimal with a smaller centerstone, or would she like something more classic with a halo?

About You

What is your general budget & interest in diamonds? Do you know much about Diamond Grading? Are high gradings on the GIA Certificate important to you? Or as long it is a beautiful brilliant colourless diamond you are happy?

The Design Process

Ring Designs

Based on what you have shared with me, I will prepare a Pinterest Board of ideas for you to look over. There is generally nothing our craftsman cannot do, so feel free to explore any ideas you like! When we meet, I'll bring in a couple of similar ring designs for you to see in person and decide on!

Beyond the 4Cs Workshop

A lot of Grooms-to-be may understand the basic of 4Cs and how it works, but don't realize there is MUCH more than those four gradings that affect the brilliance, beauty and value of a diamond. A diamond with the same 4Cs can have a price & value of up to 25% difference. In order for you to make a sound decision, we offer a complimentary crash course on grading diamonds - generally around 1 hour. This will allow you not only to appreciate diamonds more, but also to learn to make the best well-informed decision for yourself when deciding which diamond is right. Especially when each tiny change in grading affects the cost a lot, it does sometime become a difficult decision to make. While I am able to advise you on the facts of Diamond Grading and which gradings are necessary for a flawless-looking diamond, in the end, it is all a personal choice!

Diamond Quotations & Certificates

Generally by the first time we meet, I will have already selected a few exceptional diamonds based on your budget & requirements available for your viewing (in person if at our Showroom, in photos & videos if at our Design Lounge). Each comes with a GIA Certificate which will be explained in detail to you. As the GIA Plot does not show exactly how it looks in reality, I will guide you to see each inclusions and advise whether such inclusion is better or not than normal standards.

Making a Decision

After our first meeting, it is normal to want to go home and think it through first! Whether it is the ring design you still need to consider, or it is the Diamonds & Gradings. We are generally able to keep hold of 1-2 diamonds for you for a few days while you make that decision. Or if you wish to let us know new Diamond requirements, feel free to let us know so we can give you a new selection of stones!

Making the Order

Let's Begin!

Once you have decided on the Design & Stone. We will prepare you an Invoice, and a non-refundable deposit of about 35% will need to be made in order for us to begin works. We accept payments by Cash, PayMe, AliPay, FPS or Bank Transfer. Credit Cards are also accepted with extra 2% service fee.

Production Time

Time really depends how complicated the chosen design is. Usually something simple or a design we already in store would take us less than 2 working weeks to make, but something more intricate would require around 3-4 weeks or more. Obviously if if you have a very complicated design in mind and we need to make use of 3D computational software, then we suggest a bit longer time 5-7 weeks, as we would want to meet you again for another appointment midway of our production to check the ring progress and see if the working piece is aligning to what you have in mind.


It's Ready!

We will contact you right away once the ring is ready for pick up! Your ring will be elegantly packed in our signature red ring box, with our velvet pouch and a black box. Our signature red ring box is gorgeous with a beautiful light for night-time proposals! At pick up, the rest of the balance will need to be made.

Wrong Size?

Generally when designing your ring, we will suggest making the ring size larger than your expectations of your finger size. This ensures the ring can actually go in on the big day! We provide a Free Ring Resizing Service for Engagement Rings for up to one year after pick up, so remember to come back to us if the ring isn't snug and perfect! And most definitely, share me your proposal story! I always love to hear them!

Who am I?

I am Janet Tam, part of the new movement of Jewellers that believe in human connection and collaboration. I love to meet people to create ideas and develop inspiration.

Registered and still practicing as a Professional Architect in Hong Kong, I was brought up in a Jeweller’s family - counting diamonds, artistry and design has always been in my blood.

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