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Bespoke Design Services

From inspiration images and sketches to fabrication, our Professional Team is ready to make your dream into reality. We thoroughly guide and advise you on an unique and timeless design that will fond your heart and last the age of time.

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To begin the designing with you, it is always helpful for our Designers to get to know you first!  Prepare to introduce yourself! It's not only about your budget and the occasion. We would love to learn about your style, your tastes, and what you usually set eyes on. This will really help us offer professional suggestions and put our expertise on the table!


It is always easy to get carried away by Social Expectations, Jewellery Designs and even Gemstone & Diamond Prices.  Prices can vary greatly for the same size , shape and colour. It can be overwhelming for many starters. So begin with a budgets, so we can provide you the Best Design for your money.


Time is required for designing & discussions in order to create the perfect Jewellery of your dreams. Once our design is settled, we will usually require around 2 - 8 working weeks for our craftsman to hand-make your design depending on complexity & whether there needs to be interim reviews.  So if you are preparing for a special engagement, please allow time for discussions, manufacturing, as well as delivery times!


depending on the design 

If you are ready to start this fun Creative Journey with us, then find us now! Our Designers will get contact you as soon as possible!

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