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The Luxury Metals Guide

Platinum 900 / 18K Gold 750 / Sterling Silver - How To Choose the Right Metal For You?


18k Gold and Platinum are the most valuable metals of the collection, with the latter usually 6% more expensive per gram due to the skill required in the make. As a material alone, 18K Gold is actually more valuable than Platinum. Silver, as a material, costs a tenth of the price of Gold; usually the cost of labour outweighs the overall price of a silver piece.

Density & Durability

24K Gold is soft and the perfect material for handcrafting and sculpting. However, it is rarely ever used in jewellery making as it would wears away quickly. Therefore, amongst gold options, 18K Gold is the most common choice for buyers. Platinum is the densest among precious metals, approximately 25% denser than 18K Gold for the same volume. Because it is heavier in weight, Platinum a bit more expensive than 18K Gold for the same design. For people who like the feeling of a heavier substance, we would recommend this material. Silver is lightest material of them all and requires repolishing quite often as it oxidizes quickly, but it is the best option for those on a tight budget.

{ Colour }

Gold is the winner of colours. Because it is the only material that allows us to play with its metal composition and percentage of elemental gold, we have the choice of vivid rose, silvery white, or a rich yellow gold. The higher in Gold composition, 18K to 24K, you will also witness a richer colour. Sterling Silver and Platinum only come in the silvery white. In comparison to 18K White Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum give off a bit cooler white tone.


One thing that most people overlook when choosing a metal is the flexibility to resize. Our fingers do change over time, usually unfortunately larger! 18K Gold is the best material to resize with ease. Depending on design, with just a few hundred dollars, your ring can fit snugly again in the newly repolished fitted ring! Platinum is a harder metal to resize. Although some exceptions do exist, most resizing of a Platinum band will leave you with a small crease line. This may not bug some people, but to some others, it may become the thing you focus your little attentive eyes on from then on..

Skin Sensitivity

Some people are highly sensitive and allergic to certain metals, particularly to nickel and brass. Choosing a precious metal with higher purity is the key here. Platinum and 18K Gold, because of its higher element content, is the best hypoallergenic option.

Article Recollected & Rewritten by Janet Tam of fresh recollection

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